The Kensington and Knightsbridge Tote

The Design

Our City Collection features the Knightsbridge and Kensington Tote. Both handbags feature a detachable clutch bag that mounts onto a bespoke frame. This signature design allows for easy access to keys, phone and other essential items. Travel documents can be easily accessed, allowing for a more streamlined check-in process. The Knightsbridge and Kensington also have compartment for a 15” and 13” laptop respectively. This eliminates the need to carry a laptop bag in addition to your handbag, reducing the bulk of two bags into the convenience of having one light weight tote. Additionally, the collection includes a removable drawstring shoe or makeup bag, which allows you to stay organised and keep items that could potentially become 'messy' away from the main contents of the bag.  The compartments in the main tote are spacious enough to fit your gym gear, weekend items or baby essentials.  The new concept totes in the City Collection were designed with the modern day woman in mind. A woman whose life is multifaceted, fast paced and constantly evolving.

How it works

To detach the clutch bag from the main tote:

  1. Firmly hold the top of the clutch bag and slide the bag upwards.
  2. Tilt the clutch toward the main tote to disengage the magnets.
  3. Completely remove clutch bag.

To attach the clutch bag to the main tote:

  1.  Align and mount the gold plates on either side of the clutch bag onto the gold rods on the main tote. 
  2. Slide the clutch bag onto the frame by pulling the base of the clutch bag downward until it "clicks" into place. 
  3. The micro magnets attached to both the top of the clutch plates and the top of the tote rods to ensure the clutch bag is securely attached to the main tote.