About Us

It was the need for a versatile handbag that worked for every situation in her demanding schedule that propelled Donna-Marie Donalds, a former Financial Risk Consultant to rethink the design of the women’s tote bag. 

The name GYORK is a portmanteau for “GYM” + “WORK” Donna-Marie wanted a more inspired and luxurious working bag that could be seamlessly carried from one situation to the next in a busy work day. 

Seeking to produce a bag that would be the definitive solution to juggling several bags for each activity on top of a rigorous city commute and frequent international business trips, Donna-Marie collaborated with some of the UK’s most revered designers such as Anthony Vrahimis to achieve that delicate balance between chic, innovative
 and functional—the three core attributes of the GYORK brand.

In 2014, she brought on her lifelong friend, Shelley O’Neill, a technical expert in the fashion industry. Combining her concept of the ideal bag with Shelley’s knowledge of the fashion industry, they set out to create a beautifully designed multi­functional handbag. This initial design formed part of their first collection that proved versatile enough to accommodate the modern woman’s lifestyle. GYORK was born.