If there isn’t a solution out there - then design your own

The GYORK London collection was designed to provide you with an alternative solution to commuting into the city every day and having to carry several bags to work and on take several bags on your overseas business trips. These multiple bags that accompany us on journeys often included a laptop bag, a gym bag, an overnight bag as well as a handbag. Is this sounding familiar? Then you’re in the right place

As well as being truly stylish, the practicality of daily life has been considered, with compartments for your laptops, high heels, phones, wallet and event an external detachable clutch so you have two bags in one without the extra baggage. It’s such a perfect concept.

Let us tell you more about our story

Before launching GYORK, Donna-Marie Donalds and Shelley O’Neill were two lifelong friends with two successful careers, one in fashion and one as a financial risk consultant.  They both had invested in their wardrobes, but always felt the clunky masculine laptop bags on the market undermined their look.

Grounded in the firm belief that an entire lifestyle can benefit from a well-designed bag, the concept of GYORK (gym + work) was born with the founders’ goal of creating a more inspired and luxurious workbag for herself and the lives of all professional women — one that could cater to the demanding needs of daily life for busy, multi-tasking, and traveling working women.  Follow more of our story on social media @GYORKLondon




The Knightsbridge ideal for the ‘woman on the go’

The Knightsbridge, a simple but sophisticated design with ample storage space and well-organised compartments, is ideal for the ‘woman on the go’.

Perfect for organising your life with great functionality.  Each bag is hand-stitched by a master craftsman using the finest quality textured Italian calf leather.  The Knightsbridge collection features chic, innovative yet functional designs.

Featuring a detachable exterior clutch can be used as a statement piece taking this bag from day to night, keeping your essentials within easy reach.

One bag : GYORK

Luxury is GYORK London


The GYORK London concept was born

A note from our founder on the beginning of GYORK London

“I realised there wasn’t one bag that I could use that would fit all my necessities to deliver a keynote, meet a client, or travel to my overseas engagements. I needed to feel prepared on all fronts. I knew I was not alone and there were other women who needed the same thing – a bag that was stylish, versatile and convenient to use; that could easily fit into the business, travel and life equation.” 

And that is how GYORK London was born. From an idea of practicality to a realisation of luxury. To suit a lifestyle just like yours.

High Fashion, High Function: Raising the Bar.

We live in a world of compromise and sacrifice. The fashion industry is no stranger to this truism. Many believe that high fashion is synonymous with impracticality and that comfort and aesthetics are mutually exclusive. This is simply not good enough in a world where women are more empowered than they have ever been.

The modern woman is an avid multi-tasker and she continues to break gender boundaries by becoming a CEO, a successful entrepreneur and a world class executive. In fact recently Forbes reported on women making up a greater share of leadership positions at the more successful companies. Women should be able to carry out these roles with highly functional and practical clothing and accessories without ever compromising on style.

The Kensington. Redesigning the Tote

GYORK London rethinks the design of the tote bag for the modern woman, achieving that delicate balance between chic, innovative and functional—the three core attributes of the GYORK brand.

Introducing: The Kensington Tote. Structured from calf leather handcrafted in Italy, and featuring GYORK's signature detachable clutch bag that is both secure and accessible. With it's ample storage for a laptop, tablet, files and other must haves, it's easy to walk into any situation feeling prepared.

The Kensington also features a detachable drawstring bag for easy access to shoes and makeup. Consider it the perfect fashion statement for the new year.