How to detach our removable clutch

Both our Knightsbridge and Kensington totes feature a detachable exterior clutch.  The Montpelier is a perfectly sized size statement piece, allowing you to move from day to night without having to increase your luggage or head home to switch bags.  A simple and easy way to keep your essentials within easy reach when on the go.

The Design: 

The clutch bag fits neatly between onto gold rods on the main tote and is secured by a powerful micro-magnet.

It is easy to detach and re-attach as and when you the mood suits

To detach the clutch bag from the main tote:

Firmly hold the top of the clutch bag and slide the bag upwards

Tilt the clutch toward the main tote to disengage the magnets

Completely remove clutch bag

To attach the clutch bag to the main tote:

Align and mount the gold plates on either side of the clutch bag onto the gold rods on the main tote

Slide the clutch bag onto the frame by pulling the base of the clutch bag downward until it "clicks" into place

The micro magnets attached to both the top of the clutch plates and the top of the tote rods to ensure the clutch bag is securely attached to the main tote. 

The standalone Montpelier collection features our seasonal clutch bags that can be used to interchange with the matching colour clutch that comes with the Kensington and Knightsbridge total they will be available for Spring 2017.

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