British designed, Italian crafted - our Draper’s interview

Back in May 2016 we had the pleasure of being interviewed by industry leading magazine Draper’s.  The focus was on a hard quandary for us here at GYORK; to manufacture in Britain or abroad.

We are proud of the London heritage and inspiration from the city that is the backbone of our brand, and our aim was to work with UK-based manufacturers of leather goods renowned for their artisan craftsmanship. 

Quality is paramount to us there was no doubt that a beautifully finished product could be delivered by a locally sourced manufacturer. However, once we had finalised our first prototype from our original designs much to our dismay, we found the cost to produce each unit had tripled from the initial quotes, causing us to rethink the commercial viability of producing our goods in the UK.

We realised local production would push the brand into the ultra luxury segment and the price point would be inaccessible our GYORK following.

We sought advice from fashion industry experts on where to produce our bags, without compromising on quality. The answer: Italy.

Our search led to a reputable manufacturer based in Florence. They understood our dream and captured the essence of the brand, loved the product and promised to make a ”beautiful bag that would be better than the prototype” - and we hope you agree they have done just that!

You can view our collection here and read more of the Draper’s interview here.

GYORK London luxury handbag